Friday, January 2, 2015

Brave right wing site uncovers the latest insidious feminist attack on men

If you follow right wing media, you know that men are under attack. Like traditional marriage and Christmas, men and boys are constantly under siege in this country from the left, and of course, the horrors of feminism. While right wing writers like Matt Walsh will assure us that feminism is itself a mortifying evil, its attacks on the basic, fundamental rights of men are all the evidence we need -- fundamental rights, like taking three seats on a crowded subway.

This is the topic of P.J. Gladnick's expose on the latest feminist "crusade" to persecute men: criticizing men for "manspreading". What is manspreading? Lounging, legs spread wide apart, and taking up multiple seats on crowded subways. Now, reasonable people recognize that it is the right of a manly man to take three seats -- one for him, and one for each testicle.

The rabid feminists of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, on the other hand, are targeting this practice. It is one of a number of allegedly bad behaviors it singles out in a series of public service ads designed to boost courtesy among subway passengers.

The latest volley in the war on men, compliments of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Some feminist commuters have also been conducting their own witch hunts against manspreaders -- and where this plot gets really insidious is that some of these rabid feminists are actually men, with testicles of their own, who hate men so much that they'd rather have a seat than let another bro's testicles chill. Gods almighty! Can you not feel the hate?

After reading an article in the New York Times about the MTA's campaign, P.J. decided someone had to take on the feminist hate machine. And who had the gonads to expose themselves in such fashion, in defense of those exposing their gonads? P.J., of course. Writing for News Busters, he sets the stage:
You finished a long, hard day at work but at least you can relax sitting down on the train commute home. Sorry, bub, no moments of private relaxation allowed to you any longer. A new crime has been commited and you probably are completely unaware of it: manspreading.
Granted, a "private moment" at the expense of your fellow passengers on public transportation seems a bit nervy. But only if you hate men. And have way too much time on your hands. Or, maybe, want a seat. P.J. recognizes that this simply isn't a valid concern, though.
Obviously most people have much more serious things to worry about...unless you are a feminist with way too much idle time on your hands[...]
Obviously -- no one cares about seating in a crowded subway setting, unless you're a bored feminist. Like Mr. Luscombe, a (male) commuter who was interviewed in the NYT article that P.J. was writing about. At any rate, P.J. has no time for concerns about space issues. As in, he literally doesn't address them at all.

 He also doesn't note that there's no health risk at all to being courteous (also from the NYT article):
As for men who may worry that crossing their legs could hurt their virility, doctors say there is nothing to fear. A half-hour train ride with legs crossed might raise testicular temperatures, but not long enough to do any harm, said Dr. Marc Goldstein, director of the center for male reproductive medicine and microsurgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center.
On the other hand, he does prioritize the opportunity to mock feminists for exposing this new "crime against humanity"; and he takes a moment to wonder if feminists are going to criticize Bill Clinton for manspreading on the cover of Esquire. You know, on a single, not shared, seat. In a photo shoot. Depriving no one else of sitting space during a busy commute. Because, ermahgerd, feminists are totally man-hating hypocrites, amiright?!

At any rate, we really owe P.J. a debt of gratitude for exposing this latest attack on men's rights and dignity. Now that News Busters has dealt with the persecution of asking for subway courtesy, we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Like how offering safe abortion is evilz.

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