Saturday, October 4, 2014

Religious-based science denial in action: when you have to defend life saving chemotherapy...and still get attacked...

Answers in Genesis FB page recently reshared an article from last year, where a Christian writer defended as Biblical his decision to receive life saving latest article on FriendlyAtheist discusses his comments, the frosty reception among AiG readers, and the reason behind it. From the article:
When someone encourages his flock to dismiss science as it relates to one topic, it shouldn’t come as a shock to to find the same folks also dismissing science in other fields. And while I give Answers in Genesis props for fighting this particular brand of Bible-based science denial, it’s unfortunate that they don’t recognize that the problem is Bible-based science denial in general. It’s not just one particularly insane belief floating around; it’s all the faulty beliefs that can spring up due to one particular interpretation of the book.

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