Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Pro-life Godwin's Law" strikes again...

21 year old Jessa Duggar (of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting) recently joined the ranks of other anti-abortion evangelical who like to trot out the "abortion is like the Holocaust!" line. And in doing, she shows a marked disregard for actual victims of the Holocaust -- who, while presumably being the topic of her Holocaust museum post, are only just referenced in order to get to the more pressing topic of...abortion, of course. As an added bonus? Racism only comes from evolutionary theory. And evolutionary science was the cause of the Holocaust.

From my article on Friendly Atheist:

Obviously, racism existed long before the theory of evolution came about, so she is flat out wrong on this one. People were using religion to promulgate racist ideas long before Charles Darwin came around. Witness the “Curse of Ham” line of thought that Christians used to justify slavery and bigotry or Martin Luther‘s rabid anti-Semitism (that found a welcome home in, of all places, Nazi Germany…).
But unlike Duggar, I’m not trying to pin the blame for Nazism on one specific idea. Evil people in general can rationalize malicious acts and twist most philosophies to their needs. That’s a given. Still, two things are absolutely undeniable (if you wish to maintain even a semblance of honesty):
  1. Nazism was embraced by Christians, promoted as Christian, and promoted by Christians as Christian. (Not by all of them, obviously.) From the belt buckles that read “God with us,” to the close ties to Catholicism, to the invocations of Luther, Nazism was rife with obvious and less obvious examples of Christian influence and support. Ancient Christian anti-Semitism played a huge role in the Holocaust.
  2. Any evolutionary support people claim for such ideas is just bad science. Now, religious people will argue that anti-Semitism is bad religion. That may well be (although, unlike science, the mechanisms to know are far less reliable — mostly coming down to the opinion of the interpreter). But science can and has demonstrated that such claims are nonsense. There is no evolutionary support for the idea that there are distinct, or more or less advanced, human species, or anything of that nature. So, while anyone can make that claim, they do so in the face of — not with the support of — solid scientific data. (Unlike the hundreds of years of established religious tradition that supports Christian anti-Semites…)

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