Sunday, October 12, 2014

Matt Walsh implies that Brittany Maynard is a coward

In my latest piece on Friendly Atheist, I discuss the tragic case of Brittany Maynard -- 29, recently married, trying to start her family, when diagnosed with advanced brain cancer -- and the despicable reaction from chronically-wrong Matt Walsh. You may remember, I've covered Matt Walsh's terrible and vitriolic anti-choice arguments twice before. This one is no better. Indeed, it's much worse.

Conservative Christian blogger Matt Walsh, guest posting at The Blaze, goes so far as to declare her choice “the exact opposite of courage.” He can’t quite bring himself to utter the word “coward,” but he does everything short of it throughout his piece:
"We are given life, we take part in life, we participate in life, but we do not own our lives. We can’t take possession of our lives like a two-year-old grabbing a toy from his friend and shouting ‘Mine!’ Our lives are bigger than that, thank God."
Walsh bemoans people’s support for Maynard and her decision, calling her a “martyr for the cause of self-destruction [in] our modern enlightened society.” He is “terrified to think that [his] children will grow up in a culture that openly venerates suicide with this much unyielding passion.” He also believes that anyone who says Maynard is brave is implying that those who choose otherwise are not.

My responses, and more detail, at the link.

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