Friday, October 10, 2014

Details from the Palin brawl...and has Bristol got a temper...

So the police report is out about the Palin brawl, and a few things stand out. Most of all, my goodness, but does Bristol Palin have a temper. (And the whole family seems to have a drinking problem). Anchorage Alaska reports:

Klingenmeyer told police that a fight had broken out in the cul-de-sac in front of the home, and he had asked guests not to get involved. A few minutes later, Bristol and Willow Palin came around the back of the house, and Bristol looked like she wanted to start a fight, Klingenmeyer said.

Klingenmeyer asked her to leave, he told police. “Who the f--- are you?” she responded. He told her he was the homeowner, and she responded that he didn’t own the house and she would “kick his ass.”

“He says then that she hits him in the face. He says he then tells her to hit him again if it makes her feel better and she does. He says he lets her hit him 5-6 times in the face and that she was hitting pretty hard. After about the sixth punch he grabbed her fist as she punched again and he pushed back and she falls down. He says she gets up and tries to punch him again and he grabs her fist again and pushes her away and she falls down again,” Daily wrote.

Seven other witnesses told police the same version of events as Klingenmeyer.
Bristol was, the officer noted, "heavily intoxicated and upset". Her own story borders on the absurd, but does play up the Palin victim complex quite admirably:
She [Bristol] stated she didn't know who Corey was and then said that Korey [sic] had drug her across the lawn by her legs and was calling her a cunt and a slut. She said the guy with the red shirt was dragging her., when asked how it started, she said that her little sister told her that a girl had hit her so she walked up and asked what 40 year old was pushing her sister and that's when some guy walked up and pushes her on the ground and starts dragging on the lawn and calling her names....She said didn't know what else happened and didn't have a clue whether she hit him [Corey] or not.
Bristol also alleges that someone stole her sunglasses and shoes.

Rather than being at fault and looking for a fight, as multiple people note, she was really just a victim. Someone was picking on her little sister, she merely asked who it was, and voila! She's attacked, dragged around, and beat up. Sounds really quite plausible...

For his part, Track was no shining star either. While several witnesses agree that a friend of his had been sucker-punched, many witnesses also have him looking for -- and instigating a separate -- fight throughout the evening. Furthermore, the police report lists that the responding police offer found him belligerent. Officer John Daily states that Track "was angry and intoxicated and I had a hard time getting him to calm down." He also notes in his observations:
On arrival I saw that there was a long white limousine parked in the road...and there were several people w/b towards the vehicle. They were leading a WMA to the limo and pushing him in as I approached, appearing intent on keeping him away from me. I saw that he did not have a shirt on and there was blood around his mouth and on his hands and he appeared to have an injury under his left eye, on his upper cheek.
After he got in the limo I walked over and leaned in to the car and asked the subject to step out. He appeared heavily intoxicated and he acted belligerent at first but I was able to get him to step out of the car and a female who turned out to be his mother, told him to talk to me. He came out of the car to talk and was in the presence of his father, Todd Palin, mother, Sarah Palin, and he identified himself as Track Palin.
All I can say is, I shudder to think what sort of reaction that behavior would have elicited if Track Palin wasn't white...

Oh, and even after the fight broke up, and the officers were questioning people? The Palins kept coming back for more. Officer Ruth Adolf recorded:
After I spoke to Dishion [another witness], Todd Palin came walking back to the driveway confronting Corey asking him if he called his daughter a "bitch". Willow Palin walked up and also got involved flipping Corey off and getting loud. We eventually separated everyone and the Palin family ended up leaving.
You know what they say... the family that drinks and fights together...

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