Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Women who really want to be women" are stay-at-home women -- says a bunch of Fox guests who aren't staying home

In case you missed Fox's self-loathing women segment, here you go:

Among many other gems, the authors of "What Women Really Want" (hint: pretty much whatever patriarchal men tell them to want), claim that:

  • Feminists have "sexualized" women. Indeed, feminists aren't really looking out for women at all. We're just "sexualists". We focus only on the "head down". Which, apparently, excludes the heart -- at least according to Politichicks Editor in Chief, Ann-Marie Murrell. (Seriously. Watch it. It's about a minute in).
  • Women "have the right to vote. We have equality in the workplace." So, you know, feminism is obsolete. 
  • Feminism hurts "women who really want to be women, who want to be what God designed them to be". Which, according to these women who aren't staying home having kids is women who stay home and have kids (presumably as many kids as their "real men" want). 
  • Which brings us to those men out there so insecure as to need constant flattery and ego boosting...never fear: this giggling gaggle of self-hating women is only too eager to assure that "we [real women] love real men". Indeed, they "absolutely love real men". And while host Anna Kooiman (also, not a stay-at-home mom) couldn't get on board with it...these three encourage, as part of their real-men spiel, "stop shaving, men". Because, apparently, women are only real if they stay home (or write books about how women should stay home while not staying home themselves?), and men are only "real" if they don't shave (no mention of bathing, but, you know, play it safe -- probably better not to wash off any of that "real" manly body odor because all that get-clean-smell-nice stuff sounds pretty feminine. Use this example of hairy, rugged masculinity as your guide, if you have questions). 
  • And if you're thinking that men-must-be-hairy-to-be-real and women-must-reproduce-to-be-real-women sounds a little archaic, well, you've got it exactly backwards. In fact, you sound like a feminist -- and the feminists are the ones trying to take us back to the "stone ages", "waiting for a caveman to bonk them on the head and drag them back into the cave by the hair".

But perhaps the most amusing line of the entire interview? When the credentialed self-loather of the trio, Dr. Gina Louden, declared

"We [real women] want no more of this politicizing our bodies, and what happens in our bedrooms. That's all the 'feminist movement' has done."
That's right. It's feminists who are trying to politicize what happens in the bedroom. By saying, "hey, it's no one's business, stop passing laws about what I'm doing in the bedroom. Stop letting my boss have a say in what goes on in my bedroom." And the people actually trying to make what happens in the bedroom the business of the politician, the employer, and every-other-damned self-righteous voyeur who feigns a divine need-to-know, they're the ones who don't want things "politicize[d]".

I gotta give them this...that takes chutzpah...

Hat tip: RawStory

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