Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wisconsin shortfall might force budget repair bill despite Walker's brilliant governing

So, if you talk to any Wisconsin Republicans, you already know (*ahem*) that Scott Walker is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Walker has given us forced ultrasounds, repealing equal pay, enacting the largest education cuts in WI history, repealing environmental protections for big donors, depriving the working poor of health care, closing women's health clinics, lying his butt off to get re-elected, unethically and possibly illegally coordinating donations, and so much more. Indeed, lately we're learning a lot about this "so much more". Like, for instance, Walker's brilliant governing has left the state facing a shortfall of $281 million. And, in case you didn't know, there are consequences to being that far in the red. 

Last week, the Walker administration reported that state tax collections fell short of expectations by $281 million last fiscal year. 
If the state doesn't make up this missing money by June 30, 2015 — either through higher-than-expected tax revenue or lower-than-expected spending going forward — the state budget would be $115 million in the red by next summer. 
That projected shortfall is more than enough to trigger the $79 million threshold in state law for a budget repair bill, the fiscal bureau reported.

Don't worry, though. Our illustrious governor has it all figured out.

However, the number is just a projection and could change. Walker has already said that he plans to trim state spending to help close the gap. Tax revenues could also improve or further fall behind projections.
Walker and other Republicans have said that lawmakers don't have to take action because his administration will address the problem. 
So after his election year bribe of piddly tax cuts (for the average voter), Wisconsinites are going to be left with more of Walker and Co.'s cuts. And, if he can't cut enough, we'll need emergency budget repair procedures enacted. "Moving Wisconsin forward" indeed, governor!

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