Monday, September 22, 2014

Vyckie Garrison & the free gift of eternal life

An article based on Vyckie Garrison's speech at the Atheist Convention in Salt Lake City recently went live on her Patheos blog and other sites. I had already watched the talk on AtheistTV, and I highly recommend it (video below). If you prefer the shorter/written variety, it is at the link above.
Garrison spends some time discussing the Quiverfull movement. It being a movement very similar to what I was part of growing up (I don't specifically remember the term "quiverfull" being used, but the concepts were extremely close), I was particularly interested. I was the oldest of six kids, and we were raised for the greater glory of God...with the idea that we too would all raise a bunch of kids for God...who would raise their own army for God...and so on and so forth. And, naturally, we all answered to my father, because that's what God wanted. Seeing the similarities (misogyny being the overwhelming theme, often manifesting in identical fashion) between these fundamentalist branches was very striking.

I think my favorite quote relates to more than just a few types of fundamentalism, though:

You see, being in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is a set up for dysfunctional game-playing and crazy-making head trips. According to Christianity, Jesus subjected himself to torture and death, so that we could have the “free gift” of eternal life … and by “free,” he means, it’s only going to cost you everything you have and everything you are.

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