Tuesday, August 26, 2014

John Oliver literally destroys piñatas (and has something to say about click-bait headlines, too).

So, if you, like me, cannot stand those "You won't believe this!" or "so and so DESTROYS some other so and so!" click-bait headlines...you will enjoy this. While John Oliver is great, and his show is often brilliantly done...this is, to my knowledge, the first time he has "literally destroyed" anything on air.

On the other hand, for examples of John Oliver figuratively destroying things...

The "both sides of the climate debate" nonsense is, of course, a highly memorable one:

And his Dr. Oz segment is certainly worth a mention:

And his Ferguson coverage is surely a worthy contender:

And those are just the first three that come to mind, where John Oliver has done a wonderful job of addressing important points. Without taking a bat to anything. Feel free to nominate your favorite in the comments.

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