Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Don't like being preached at? Get mad when someone proselytizes at work?

(Trigger warning)

Don't like being preached at? Would you get mad if someone insisted on proselytizing at work?

A viewer presented a scenario of this nature to Pat Robertson, declaring that the atheist in question (the victim of her conversion efforts) appears to get visibly upset at the mere mention of god; the writer rather cluelessly ignores the fact that her worktime proselytizing is both unsolicited and inappropriate. And she is clearly lacking the self awareness to even speculate that her harassing behaviors and efforts to prevent her coworker "perish[ing]" might be the cause of that hostility.

Instead of taking the opportunity to point out that work is not the place for missionary work, or that aggressive conversion efforts might indeed prompt a negative reaction, as a reasonable person might, Robertson speculates that the atheist in question might be demonically possessed. Or might have been raped as a child. It's not that she doesn't like being preached at while trying to do her job. It's demons, a rapist father, or something else going on "in her childhood".

While we've come to expect insanity from Robertson, and good people of faith are as appalled by him as I am, this is (yet another) despicable low  from a man with a long history of despicable lows. And though Robertson himself isn't much of a problem, the fact that people listen to him, turn to him for advice, and form their ideas based on his opinions...that's a little mortifying.

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