Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Noah's ark and Biblical literalism and inerrancy

If you're inclined to think that the Bible is infallible, literal and complete, as so many Christians in the States do, what better than a funny animated, paint shop drawn, youtube series to shatter your faith and ruin the foundation of your life (which is, of course, what atheists do*)?

But, seriously, the videos are hilarious and mostly factually accurate, and raise a number of objections to the literal interpretation of the flood story. Oh, and I should mention, I had nothing to do with the production/don't know the people responsible. Just stumbled across them, and find them to be very much worth sharing.


* Kidding, my fundamentalist readers. It's just a snarky reference to Chris Arnade's take on atheism. Put the pitchforks down, please. ;)

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