Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Wisconsin voucher system success!

An amazing success story from my state's voucher system:

A private school in Milwaukee has shut down, but not before collecting two million dollars of tax payer dollars.
Lifeskills Academy, a small kindergarten through eighth grade school, joined the state's voucher program five years ago and collected more than two million dollars in public payments.
Money well spent? Last year, state records show only one student scored proficient in reading.
With the school closing, the state won't send any more money, but because the school closed mid-school year, the state can't recoup what it already gave out.
And according to the Journal Sentinel, the people who ran the school have skipped town to a gated community in Florida.

(Emphasis added). Amazing success, at least, if you're the fleabags who scammed the state of this money -- including 200K paid out this year (for nothing).

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