Monday, October 15, 2012

My Hobbit Hole

Welcome to my Hobbit hole. What is a Hobbit hole, you ask? Well, sort of a home, only online, for "the Hobbit" in question (which is, of course, myself). If I were to describe myself...well, I would say:
The Hobbit in question is called Rachel. And she tends to be opinionated. Which is not to say that she does not welcome other opinions, or listen to them. On the contrary. She is fond of lively discussion (she is Italian, after all), and learns from it.

She loves to read, and to write. She is, as you might already have guessed, a big fan of Tolkien, but some other favorite authors include H.G. Wells, Bram Stoker, Howard Pyle, Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, Alexandre Dumas, and Victor Hugo.

She is a Republican, though one thoroughly disgusted with the Republican party and where it is at at the moment. She is liable to discuss most topics -- politics, religion, literature, the weather... And, of course, coffee.

She is a programmer by trade, and a dreamer by choice.
So, should you be interested in listening to the mad ramblings of such a one as myself, please, by all means, pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea (or coffee), and join the discussions. Otherwise, it will be a rather one-sided conversation for the Hobbit in question. (Won't it, my precious? Oh yesss...)

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  1. Just discovered you Rachel by reading your latest blog post Millenials and Religion. Loved it. Will read more of your "mad ramblings" with great anticipation as time allows. Thank you for sharing your perceptive thinkings on some controversial subjects.